Sunday, August 24, 2008

KSF fingerless glove update

KSF fingerless glove update
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Well, This is how far I got on the fingerless gloves in Canada and I have slowly been making progress since I have returned home. I will be taking more pictures soon. I did learn that following the advise of the book, definitely use a cable needle. I also found that placing the cable needle stitch back on the needle before knitting the stitch worked better for me than knitting from the cable needle.

I love watching the pattern emerge and I have to thank Llama for encouraging me to stick with it, after the first couple of rounds of the patterns, I was getting a bit discouraged. Canada came to the rescue and I worked at a table, which allowed me to lay out all of the charts and have plenty of room. I am going slowly and trying to get two rounds done each night, It really is turning out beautifully and I am on row 33 of the repeats so I have been slowly falling in love with the pattern. It is also going faster the more I do, the first 5-10 rounds or so took 15 minutes each round, but now I am getting a round done in about 4-5 minutes, depending on which cables are being used. I have also found that I am starting to memorize the cable patterns, so I can tell when reading the charts which cable to use without always having to reference the key.

I am still working on my shawl and hope to post update pictures soon. I also and still working on a pair of socks for Llama out of Patons Kroy in a waffle pattern. I am also going to start some child mittens for charity soon too. As they are small, they are good for instant gratification knitting.
Be back soon!

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Ari (Baking and Books) said...

Looks beautiful! I love the colors. :)