Sunday, August 24, 2008

KSF fingerless glove update

KSF fingerless glove update
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Well, This is how far I got on the fingerless gloves in Canada and I have slowly been making progress since I have returned home. I will be taking more pictures soon. I did learn that following the advise of the book, definitely use a cable needle. I also found that placing the cable needle stitch back on the needle before knitting the stitch worked better for me than knitting from the cable needle.

I love watching the pattern emerge and I have to thank Llama for encouraging me to stick with it, after the first couple of rounds of the patterns, I was getting a bit discouraged. Canada came to the rescue and I worked at a table, which allowed me to lay out all of the charts and have plenty of room. I am going slowly and trying to get two rounds done each night, It really is turning out beautifully and I am on row 33 of the repeats so I have been slowly falling in love with the pattern. It is also going faster the more I do, the first 5-10 rounds or so took 15 minutes each round, but now I am getting a round done in about 4-5 minutes, depending on which cables are being used. I have also found that I am starting to memorize the cable patterns, so I can tell when reading the charts which cable to use without always having to reference the key.

I am still working on my shawl and hope to post update pictures soon. I also and still working on a pair of socks for Llama out of Patons Kroy in a waffle pattern. I am also going to start some child mittens for charity soon too. As they are small, they are good for instant gratification knitting.
Be back soon!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dirtiest Husband Ever?

Okay, the title just sounds dirty, it is actually a clean post.

For our anniversary this year, Llama decided to get me something different, we usually order matching rings, which we will do later this year when we can but he found something else and I couldn't live without it.

I got this in the mail when we returned from Canada...
an autographed photograph of Mike Rowe, from Dirty Jobs!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

There is no place like home...

We are back from Canada and we had a great time! There were some bumps and surprises but I can understand the concept Gone Bamboo after visiting St. Joe's Island.
I have lots of pictures and stories to share, but it will take some time and this will be shared in a series of posts (I am trying to be consistent, it takes some work).
But I wanted to share the darling Ruby pattern that the lovely Rain inspired me to try. I used my plain sock recipe for the structure of the sock, but the idea was planted by her pattern.

These are for a friend of the family who apparently is the only one having a girl at this time (out of the 2 who know they are having boys and the other 4 that aren't sure yet) I was excited to have little K come along and I hope to soon see her in these little sockies.