Wednesday, October 24, 2007

checking in

Well, the last few weeks have been more than hectic and part of me wishes I could turn back the clock but then all the good things that have happened wouldn't be. So I guess I will just keep on truckin...
My friend MellyMel had her beautiful baby boy a couple weeks ago, I will have photos soon. But my lovely MIL quilted her a darling baby blanket that will keep little Dez warm for many years to come. I have been studying for tests and projects for my Human Resources classes as I work toward being certified. I have also quit working for my previous employer and have started working in a much smaller customer service department. There are only us 8 women but it kind of feels like an old fashioned secretary pool, but in a good way, we all work together to get our product out the door. It is a wonderful change from the "it's not my job" feel that I was working for.

Llama and I are slowly trying to lose weight but more importantly trying to make healthier choices with our lives. Things are going okay so far, Llama makes such wonderful food that everything tastes good :) Even healthy stuff like salad, he makes the best whitefish salad on baby spinach that I eat all of it. and I don't particularly like lettuces.

Alrighty, my break is over but I thought I was well overdue to check in to the world outside. hmmm. more studying. ohh and laundry, that is exciting.