Sunday, February 25, 2007

FO's and some lovely snacks

Here is my latest FO, it only took a couple months and one trip to the frog pond.

It is the Lunchbag from When you don't try to adjust every part of a pattern and just follow as it states it turns out beautifully!
This lunch bag is for Llama since his old bag was falling apart.
I really like how this turned out, I did add a handle for Llama just for carrying convenience.

Here is a photo of the absolutely delicious truffles that Llama made yesterday with the dark chocolate from my SP! They turned out wonderfully, he used the recipe from Good Eats and it was really fun to help make them ( I was designated to roll the truffles in the cocoa powder or coconut.

I finished a pair of Tech socks from Magknits for Llama. He had to try them on right away to make sure they were soft enough. They are knit with STR Alina colourway.

Yeah, hopefully I will have more soon!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Yeah, I have the best SP

Two weeks ago, I received my SP Package in the mail!
It was an awesome package from CANADA!!!

Okay, So I know I am a slacker but I am planning to make amends right now.

First thing, my SP sent me lovely Vinegar and Sea Salt chips which Llama promptly opened and ate, I was able to sneak a few for my own tasting!

She painted some beautiful frames with my nephews name on them, I have taken one to work and the others adorn our entertainment center. They are wonderful in chocolate and pumpkin colours.

Also some beautiful stitch markers that my SP handmade, and made me very envious of her craftiness!

Also a Black Sheep tape measure! He is so cute!

You can also see some of the wonderful stationary that she made for me! They are just darling and I can't wait to use them, ( one had an angel on it and I have already sent that to my Mom as she loves angels).

I got some beautiful Koigu and some gorgeous Zephyr Wool-silk blend lace weight yarn that I am in love with, hope to find the best pattern soon!
And also, I apologize here and now that I am very sorry for the quality of my pictures, apparently I need to relearn how to work with my camera, I will have Llama help me with future packages. The first picture is better quality but the second picture is closer in colour. It is a lovely deep sea green!

There was also some lovely dark chocolate that has been partially consumed! Llama is promising to make some truffles with it soon!

Well, LLD, I am sorry I didn't get these up sooner and I will try not to be as much of a slacker in the future, thank you for the Spoils!!!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Memories by Smell

Today, I was washing my hands in the ladies room while a co-worker was washing out her coffee cup. And I smelled something I remember...
It was the exact scent of my grandmother's coffee that I remember when I was a little girl. She would sit at the kitchen table every morning with her cup of coffee and the newspaper and I can't remember what she put in the coffee, but it has an aroma that I will never forget.

Smelling my co-workers coffee may sound strange, but I have found that our sense of smell can be a powerful thing. In that one moment in the bathroom today, smelling my co-workers coffee I was taken back 20 years to when I would sit next to my grandmother while she would read the paper and scribble out a grocery list all in capital letters, I never knew why, but her grocery list was always written in printed caps with a mechanical pencil. I remembered the soft flowery scent of her robe from her bubble bath, the feel of the sturdy wooden chairs that we sat on. How is it possible that after almost 12 years after she was left this earth, I can recall all things as if they happened yesterday from the smell of someone's coffee? How can that hole in my heart, that I thought had healed, feel so raw and open today?

My father once told me " that sometimes the things that don't kill us, don't make us stronger, they just don't kill us". Some days, that phrase makes an immense amount of sense to me, but other days it makes me sad, that there might not be magic or powers with in the universe that watch out for us. I like to believe that we are never given challenges that we are not able to overcome. I also like to think that my father speaks good sense in remembering our limitations but I like to think, I might just be invincible. It's not always probable but ANY thing is possible.

Sometimes, days like today, make me want for the past, but it also reminds me to pay attention to the present, so in the future, I will remember those everyday, ordinary moments that can bring memories crashing back so real you can touch them.

Writing my thoughts really does help me think my emotions out, that is a good feeling. Do you know what else brings out good feelings...
Getting a package from your Secret Pal!
I will post about my spoils this weekend, with photos!
If you are reading this SP, It is SO WONDERFUL! I LOVE IT!
Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

ups and downs...

So it has been a busy couple of weeks.
That said, I have a bunch of stuff I am excited about and a few frustrations to vent also.
I had my endoscopy and found out...drum roll... not much.
Well, the good news, no ulcers, no esophagus damage and my stomach lining looks good. Which I am very grateful for these positive things.
The bad news is that the muscle that connects my esophagus to my stomach is "loose", now I understand that I was completely under sedation for this procedure and the diagnosis, so I am going off what Llama told me later but really, "loose" is the best term we could come up with? :) But I suppose that is the layman's terms and trust me, I am no doctor.
But it has been a hassle to get my new prescription, so I am just going to not worry about it this weekend and just wait until my follow up next week...sometimes even I have to admit defeat.

Other things going on have been better, I always like to get the venting done first and then go for the good stuff!

Secret Pal 8
Started today! Yeah!
I have the best upstream and downstream! This is my first Secret Pal and I am so excited and a little nervous (I want to be a good SP), I got the cutest penguin e-card from my SP last Saturday and boy do I love me some penguins (actually most black and/or white animals...pandas, polar bears, seals, zebras...I guess with a childhood nickname like Panda, something had to come out of it). Please see the penguin above for my cute e-card! Thank you so much Llama Llama Duck!!!!
I also got a yummy recipe for skor blondies and if I can get moving tonight,I plan on making a batch to bring to work tomorrow. Yum. And as my SP had tempted me with chips of all kind, I have been having so much fun planning for my downstream SP... and thankfully since I have a great SP, it is inspiring me to think up fun things for my downstream.

now I am feeling better!
and to make it even better tomorrow is FRIDAY!