Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hello Again

Wow, how time flies, I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, it has been so busy here.
Last Saturday, Llama made a lovely 7 course dinner for four of our work friends and my sister Zutzan and her fiancee B. We has such a good time, started off with delicious baked Lime Olive Red Snapper. As you can see below, it was snarfled up quickly, so quickly we forgot to take a before picture.

Then a light and refreshing Citrus Mint salad.

Yummy roasted red pepper cous cous and the favorite of all, Poutine.

Baked Manicotti with three cheeses and spinach plus a wonderful lamb curry with homemade Naan.

We finished off the meal with creamy homemade vanilla bean ice cream topped with wonderful Canadian maple syrup.

It was such a wonderful night. Great food, good friends and it was the first day of my sister and B's spring break, they came up from Missouri and stayed with us this past week. We got to look through all of my sister's wedding ideas and hang out and relax. I took a day off and a few afternoons off ( I am the only early riser in my family) So I thought I should give them some extra sleeping in time.

We baked a cake together and Zutzan showed me how to make frosting roses and lots of other cake decorating tips, she also made and ate a batch of cupcakes, they were very good and lots of fun.

I am so glad they could both come up and visit and I hope we gave them a nice relaxing week off. Plus I finally was able to see her engagement ring!

They left for home yesterday afternoon and this morning Llama and I went bowling, Llama is very good bowler and I am not so much, but I enjoy playing. We have been together over all most 6 years and I finally this morning, for the fist time, got a 100 game. actually 111, and I have been extremely excited about my score!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Early Birthday Surprise!

So Llama's birthday is coming up soon and he also got a great yearly review this week! So while he was at his night class on Wednesday, I made him a birthday cake! I used my good old Betty Crocker cook book for the cake and the buttercream frosting and I think it turned out great (hint: it is supposed to look like a piece of sushi.)

Cozy FO,
I also thought it was about time to post pictures of my cozy from (I apologize for the quality) I finished this just in time to post on the Lacevember KAL last November. I think it turned out really nice, I will probably make another one some time in the future. It is a soft fingering weight yarn (unsure of what it is officially)got it back in college before I ever started knitting. It is a lovely dark grey. I am very proud of this as it was my first attempt at lace, and I learned very quickly WHY knitters use life lines!

Close up of lace pattern