Monday, September 3, 2007

quite a break

Well, it is almost the end of summer and I have neglected my blog, but things are starting to get back into a rhythm. I have been busy and stressful and finally took a well deserved vacation. Llama and I went to his family cottage in Canada for a week and a half at the end of July. It was beyond beautiful and so refreshing, and I can't wait to do it again next year. We saw huge cows, and I mean HUGE, but there were also calves and they were darling. We spent time bathing/swimming in a part of Lake Superior. We devoured pie, raspberry, blueberry, lingonberry and blueberry cream. We spent time at St. Joseph's Fort and watched The Voyageurs video (which I highly recommend). We ate poutine and butter tarts (which Llama made from scratch last week to see if they would turn out)and they were delicious!

I finished the braided cable socks for Mellymel and I am glad they fit her. Made out Tofutsies yarn, they are very soft and very pink.

We also had Mellymel's baby shower last week too and she loved her day of relaxing conversation and I am glad she likes the baby Harry Potter sweater for her soon to be here baby boy.

I have also added a picture of her baby shower gift bags for the guests, the book marks had info on them like the definition of Mother and Father etc. and the letters spelled out the family's last name. Wrapped candy bars and the small blue bag had animal crackers in them.

She also gave me a lovely thank you give of the Interweave Knits Favorite sock book, some beautiful sock yarn and a darling personalized notebook.

It has been a nice labour day weekend and I am glad to have the extra day to relax. Llama is feeling under the weather so I hope I can take good care of him.

Currently I am working on some socks for my mother in law and I was able to make sure they fit this weekend and she has a ton of knitting needles from her mother that she gifted me with. They are now neatly tucked away in my knitting gear with the exception of the straights which have found a home in a large glass vase on my end table.

I will do my best to not take such a long break from my blogging. hopefully I will also have new photos soon!