Friday, January 12, 2007

Yeah Badgers!

The UW Madison (Badgers) men's hockey team just won a game against Minnesota Gophers and they were not supposed to win, younger team, less experienced, and not to mention that MN had a 3 streaks going, including a 22 game winning streak. Now I am not attacking MN since I am originally from MN. However, since moving to WI, I have come to enjoy the love and admiration that the fans have for their teams!
It was a great game, lots of close calls and high tension, they will play again tomorrow and I am sure it will just as much fun to watch.

Last weekend Llama and I went shopping for WI college sweatshirts to wear to our first Badger game later this month. I am so excited and I got to wear it tonight also (although I was just sitting in front of the TV with my knitting) so it was nice to be rooting for the underdog and have them win!

I also get to sub for Llama's bowling league tomorrow. I am always excited to play and I enjoy hanging out with my husband outside of the house sometimes. Usually I go knit with the wife of one of Llama's teammates, but this week there will be two people on their team gone so both her and I will be subbing, I sure hope I do a good job. Sometimes I don't take sports/games as competitively as Llama and I just want to do my best and have a good time.

Hopefully, I will be able to post some photos soon of my knitting and things going on around here. Although it is very icy and slick outside tonight, I am hoping it warms up to good driving this weekend.

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