Sunday, January 7, 2007

Socks or Felting...

Okay, I think it is time to admit it... I am addicted to socks.
I have been trying to work on a felted bag for the last two and half weeks. Now if you have ever deliberately felted your knitting, you know that it is created on large needles with at least worsted weight yarn (in general), so it usually only takes an afternoon or a weekend to make a felted bag or slippers. So why the delay with this particular bag... well, two weeks ago Llama wound a center pull ball of some new STR sock yarn and it has been calling to me. So finally Friday night, Llama asks if I would rather just make a pair of socks, and I quietly said, "yeah, I think so". In my head I was overjoyed, something about tiny needles and soft merino wool just works for me.
Since the knitted bag is for him (for lunches)he was really good about it, which I think happened more because he LOVES hand-knit socks and this pair is for him too.
I am still going to try to keep working on the bag, he really needs a replacement lunch bag ( me too). This way when I start to get antsy, I can pull out my socks and change up what I am doing.

In other news, Llama is gearing up to take a class for his CCNA certification, I think he is excited to get it and know that it is done, but I am not sure what I will do with myself one night a week for the next four months! I see lots of knitting in my future. I know that he will do a great job and pass everything with flying colours. I think it is just a little overwhelming to try to do it on his own, so I am glad that he decided to got he classroom route. We will see what happens in May!

I am also very excited because we got tickets to the Badger hockey game in a couple weeks. This will be my first live hockey games ever. I think we might have to go buy some Badger wear. It will be a busy weekend, since we are usually watching the game at home but maybe we will go out to eat first, lots of good places to eat near the Kohl Center. My favorite so far is a Serbian/Arabic restaurant, they make the best hummus!

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