Sunday, July 6, 2008

And now for something completely different…

Interweave Press 2008

I recently picked up the book Knit so Fine from Interweave Knits and I am in love!
The patterns are lovely and the fine gauge fits me to a T. My plan of attack is to knit every pattern in this book, one at a time of course and blog about it here! Hopefully this will “kill two birds with one stone” and get me back into blogging while increasing my knitting knowledge and experience.

I have decided to start knitting the Fingerless Elbow Gloves.

Interweave Press 2008

I have started swatching (my first swatch ever) with some beautiful Handmaiden Sea Silk in Seafoam. This swatch created a beautiful drape and lovely shimmer that I couldn’t even begin to capture with my camera. I began on size 3 bamboo needles and created a swatch in the round, once I had enough done to get a good measurement, I realized I already knew the gauge for this project would match what I get on my size 2 needles. However, I am glad I swatched, and will continue to do so for my future projects. This did give me more information about how the piece would hang and fit my arms.
I do have to say a bit about this yarn, even just while working with it the little while; I have fallen in love with how the colours play against each other. I would have never guessed how lovely they would be knitted up in a smooth fabric. The sheen and feeling of the yarn are irresistible. I do need to take more breaks then I would if I was knitting in wool and I can feel the strain on my wrists but I will give myself regular breaks and also have a couple other projects going on in the back ground with other needles sizes and yarns to help keep my hands stretched and safe.
I have finished the ribbing for the left glove and it is going pretty nicely. I have used charts before but never this many at once. I am a bit apprehensive but also excited. Now I just have to keep everything separate.
I also started a shawl a few months ago and it is slow going but I was able to do another lifeline this week and added a couple more rows to go, hopefully pictures next time.
I finished a baby hat too for a co-worker of Llama, who is due in August. I will post soon with pictures, as I am very happy as to how it has turned out.
I am also trying to get back into blogging as I like to read other’s blogs and I think it is a nice form of community.

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