Saturday, February 24, 2007

Yeah, I have the best SP

Two weeks ago, I received my SP Package in the mail!
It was an awesome package from CANADA!!!

Okay, So I know I am a slacker but I am planning to make amends right now.

First thing, my SP sent me lovely Vinegar and Sea Salt chips which Llama promptly opened and ate, I was able to sneak a few for my own tasting!

She painted some beautiful frames with my nephews name on them, I have taken one to work and the others adorn our entertainment center. They are wonderful in chocolate and pumpkin colours.

Also some beautiful stitch markers that my SP handmade, and made me very envious of her craftiness!

Also a Black Sheep tape measure! He is so cute!

You can also see some of the wonderful stationary that she made for me! They are just darling and I can't wait to use them, ( one had an angel on it and I have already sent that to my Mom as she loves angels).

I got some beautiful Koigu and some gorgeous Zephyr Wool-silk blend lace weight yarn that I am in love with, hope to find the best pattern soon!
And also, I apologize here and now that I am very sorry for the quality of my pictures, apparently I need to relearn how to work with my camera, I will have Llama help me with future packages. The first picture is better quality but the second picture is closer in colour. It is a lovely deep sea green!

There was also some lovely dark chocolate that has been partially consumed! Llama is promising to make some truffles with it soon!

Well, LLD, I am sorry I didn't get these up sooner and I will try not to be as much of a slacker in the future, thank you for the Spoils!!!

Happy Saturday!

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Llama said...

You are most welcome, llamabean! I'm glad you like everything! And think: that is just the beginning! Still two packages to go!!