Thursday, February 1, 2007

ups and downs...

So it has been a busy couple of weeks.
That said, I have a bunch of stuff I am excited about and a few frustrations to vent also.
I had my endoscopy and found out...drum roll... not much.
Well, the good news, no ulcers, no esophagus damage and my stomach lining looks good. Which I am very grateful for these positive things.
The bad news is that the muscle that connects my esophagus to my stomach is "loose", now I understand that I was completely under sedation for this procedure and the diagnosis, so I am going off what Llama told me later but really, "loose" is the best term we could come up with? :) But I suppose that is the layman's terms and trust me, I am no doctor.
But it has been a hassle to get my new prescription, so I am just going to not worry about it this weekend and just wait until my follow up next week...sometimes even I have to admit defeat.

Other things going on have been better, I always like to get the venting done first and then go for the good stuff!

Secret Pal 8
Started today! Yeah!
I have the best upstream and downstream! This is my first Secret Pal and I am so excited and a little nervous (I want to be a good SP), I got the cutest penguin e-card from my SP last Saturday and boy do I love me some penguins (actually most black and/or white animals...pandas, polar bears, seals, zebras...I guess with a childhood nickname like Panda, something had to come out of it). Please see the penguin above for my cute e-card! Thank you so much Llama Llama Duck!!!!
I also got a yummy recipe for skor blondies and if I can get moving tonight,I plan on making a batch to bring to work tomorrow. Yum. And as my SP had tempted me with chips of all kind, I have been having so much fun planning for my downstream SP... and thankfully since I have a great SP, it is inspiring me to think up fun things for my downstream.

now I am feeling better!
and to make it even better tomorrow is FRIDAY!

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Llama said...

Yay, you figured out pictures! Go you! Glad you're enjoying the spoilage so far... Sorry about the health troubles though -- that sucks. I hope you are able to get some good treatment!

Your SP,