Saturday, June 2, 2007

Socks, Soccer, and Sushi

Here are the socks that I knit for my Mom for Mother's Day, I think they turned out lovely! And they were pretty fun and quick to knit up. I used Essential Tweed- Plum from Knitpicks and the SKS pattern Baby Cables. I hope she likes them and they keep her toasty.

I finished up our rec league for Soccer through Llama's work last week, No we didn't win one game, but we had a good time doing it :)We are the blue team and we might not have been experts but we definitely got better as a team!

Plus, Llama has been craving sushi, so I knit him up some sushi to have at work to tempt him! One is a piece of spider roll (soft shell crab- long legs) and the other piece is flying fish egg (roe).

We also had the weekend off last week for Memorial Day, it was so nice to have not only a long weekend, but to actually have a weekend off.

We have started the summer bowling league on Tuesday nights. I finally got a 126 game! It was great! I am going to keep working on it, I want Llama to have a good team member, but I am starting to see how much skill and hard work actually goes into bowling a good strong consistent game.

Today was fun too, I got to go meet with a friend to help plan a baby shower for Mellymel_517! She is due in October and I am sure she will have a lovely Halloween baby!

Then I met up with Mel and Court and we went yarning to Knitch in Delafield, WI. It is such a cute town, and a really nice shop. They were having a Blue Sky Alpaca trunk show during June, so we took a little trip over and got some yarny goodness. I picked up some beautiful natural cotton and two skeins of a lovely shrimp coloured cotton. I can't wait to make a nice little shawl for an upcoming wedding. I also picked up a nice bright striping Trekking XXL that I am planning on some sunny socks for Llama.

Tomorrow, we are heading out to see Llama's family, should be a nice day! We haven't been down since the first weekend in May so I am sure it will a good time and I have lots of clutter to donate since I have been cleaning our pantry and extra bedrooms!
Hope to get some of it out of our apartment and into the hands of someone who can use it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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