Saturday, March 3, 2007

Early Birthday Surprise!

So Llama's birthday is coming up soon and he also got a great yearly review this week! So while he was at his night class on Wednesday, I made him a birthday cake! I used my good old Betty Crocker cook book for the cake and the buttercream frosting and I think it turned out great (hint: it is supposed to look like a piece of sushi.)

Cozy FO,
I also thought it was about time to post pictures of my cozy from (I apologize for the quality) I finished this just in time to post on the Lacevember KAL last November. I think it turned out really nice, I will probably make another one some time in the future. It is a soft fingering weight yarn (unsure of what it is officially)got it back in college before I ever started knitting. It is a lovely dark grey. I am very proud of this as it was my first attempt at lace, and I learned very quickly WHY knitters use life lines!

Close up of lace pattern


Llama said...

Your Cozy is beautiful, and that is one cool & creative cake!

Batty said...

Beautiful Cozy, but I am in love with your cake design. Sushi, that's so original!